One with the Universe Meditation

By Diana Neff

Make yourself comfortable.  Straighten your back.  Place your feet flat on the floor.  Allow your hands to lie freely in your lap.

Begin by relaxing your body and breathing slowly and deeply in through your nose… and out through your mouth.  As you take in each breath, picture a part of your body.   As you breathe out, envision all tension in that area flowing away.

Begin with your feet.  Breathe in…and breathe out.  All tension and soreness is released and you allow their existence to fade from your presence.  You breathe easily and are thankful.

Move to your calves.  Breathe in…and breathe out.  Allow the feeling of your calves to drift away into the universe.  What you feel in their place is complete ease.

Your thighs.  Breathe in…and breathe out.  Your thighs have become nonexistent and you are floating on air.  It is tranquil here.  You feel quite fulfilled and enjoy the feeling of being free.

You realize your body is slowly going to sleep and you are being released from its encumbrance.

Your stomach.  Breathe in…and breathe out.  You become lighter, feeling a freedom beyond words.  You float.

Moving on to your chest, you understand all anxiety and stress has no place there and you release them into the ether.  Breathe in…and breathe out.  They are replaced with gratitude and exultation.

You are floating as if on a cloud, bobbing gently in the sky, high above the earth.  It is sunny and warm and pleasant.  You are completely at ease in this environment.

Your shoulders and arms have become weightless and seem to be floating next to you.  Breathe in…and breathe out as they too disappear.

You have removed all consciousness of your body and drift as one with the universe.  You feel the loving energy surround you.  You acknowledge your place within the universe and revel in the knowledge that you are an integral part of it.  Breathe in…and breathe out.

You rest for awhile, contemplating any thoughts that come to mind.  You focus briefly on, and then release, each one; taking care, and time, to wrap them in love.

Breathe in…and breathe out.

How pleasant a place this is, one of repose.  A place of perfect rest.  Emotions begin to well up and you gently allow each its own time, its own claim on you. You feel the tide of each one ebb; its flow leaving you in ecstasy as you realize another burden has lifted.

Breathe in…and breathe out.

It is time to return, and you are humbled with gratitude at knowing this serenity is available to you at any time.  You breathe in the love and thank the universe for allowing you to be a clear and perfect channel for the loving energy you will share with others.

Your body begins to descend, making its way back to the earth.  As it drifts lower and lower, you begin to feel it returning to its original form.  Your chest is there, healed of all lack or burden.  Your stomach is performing its task, drawing your breath in and out in a regular rhythm, keeping pace with your heart as it beats easily.

Breathe in…and breathe out.

Your legs have found their place and your feet are anxious to move you along your life’s path.  You have returned from a perfect place and realize you are creating a perfect place here as well.  Your body is your temple and carries you through this existence.  It performs its tasks to the best of its ability.  You are happy to have returned, and yet, take profound pleasure in the thought that you can return to your meditative place at any time.  You can refill yourself by melding with the energy of the universe whenever you feel the need.

Breathe in…and breathe out.

Rest for a moment as you are thankful for your body, your life, and your gifts.


  1. Posted March 27, 2011 at 12:27 pm | Permalink

    I really enjoyed the relaxation. I have been sick now for 4 years. The doctors now say I have lupus and fibromyalgia, and depression. I’ve had a difficult time finding a doctor who is geniunely interested and wants to help. Indeed, some have been hostile with me for no apparent reason! I am an attorney and some believe just my occupation is what sets them off. I don’t know. I can no longer work, my face is covered with scabs that are about an inch in diameter (this is from the lupus the doc told me), my knees and ankles are swollen and it hurts to walk, therefore I have put on weight, more than I want to say here. Actually, some days, all movement hurts. I don’t know what to do, so I have begun to turn to some alternative healing techniques. So far, these techniques have offered me some relief. The most important thing they have given me is some power back. They offer personal power and enable me to give myself relief, without the dependance on a doctor. I still have alot to learn with the alternative medicine. I hope to find a cure in the near future. I really believe there is something out there that can cure me. As long as I keep searching, and don’t give up, I should come across it, sooner rather than later.

    • Posted March 30, 2011 at 7:31 am | Permalink

      My mother has Lupus, has had it since she was a child most likely. It is very difficult to diagnose, it seems. Once one brave doctor did recognize she wasn’t a hypochondriac, however, she has been able to control the symptoms pretty well. She lives on prednisone, not necessarily a good thing, but her quality of life is terrific and she travels to some exotic place in the world every year or two. This is a feat in itself since she is 75 years old. I think camping regularly with her boyfriend keeps her on her toes as well. LOL

      Find a doctor, they are there, who will allow you to monitor yourself, and who will do the necessary blood tests periodically. My mother has found she is the best judge of her physical well-being and that seems to be a fact.

      Finding peace is a major step forward in the healing process. Thanks for sharing your story, your life, with us. I pray for abundant blessings to shower from the Universe, to uplift you as you search.

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